Health care reform means improved health care for every American. Other provisions of this Affordable Care Act to help ensure that people receive proper health care who otherwise could not before. They also help to make medical insurance more affordable for many. So what exactly does health care reform really mean to you?

It can depend on whether or not you actually have health care insurance. For many, including young adults and people without employment, health care reform means that they will be able to get some sort of coverage. This would most likely come in the form of an insurance plan offered by their current employer. If they do not have this coverage, they will have to find it on their own. This may involve changing jobs, but it might also involve shopping around for new insurance. Some employers offer health care benefits to their employees, but these are often expensive and not the type of coverage most people need.

Another group that benefits from the Affordable Care Act is children. Children who remain on their parents’ health care plan receive several benefits that they would not have been able to maintain if they stayed on their own. The basic set of benefits provided by an affordable care act lowers the cost of basic pediatric care and provides incentives for children to stay on parents’ plans. For this reason, many families remain on their parents’ plans for years.

Another group that benefits from health plans offered by the act is adults. While many people see their doctors regularly, they cannot because of the cost of health coverage. The basic set of benefits that are included in most affordable health plans makes it possible for most people to see a doctor at least yearly. For many, there is no choice but to go without any health coverage whatsoever. For these people, there are options like enrollment in a managed care organization or buying into a Medicare prescription drug program.

One other group that benefits from the Affordable Care Act is seniors. Medical coverage for seniors has been made more affordable by the creation of Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare Advantage Plans is standardized, so there is a lot of uniformity in the premiums that each company charges. As with all medical coverage, there are benefits that are specific for seniors, but all Americans can rest assured that medical coverage of this level is available to them.

The Medicare prescription drug benefit and the Medicaid program are two important components of the national health care reform law. Both of these programs help alleviate the problems of both prescription drug abuse and Medicaid’s growing caseload. One cannot underestimate the importance of health care reform. If this legislation is passed, there will be fewer people without health insurance and more people that can afford to pay their premiums