If you have been wondering how to move your furniture, then you have come to the right place. This article will teach you about packing, disassembly, and time management. These tips will make moving and storing your furniture a breeze. These tips are important to ensuring a smooth transition from your current residence to your new one. We hope these five tips from شركة نقل عفش بجدة will help you move your furniture successfully. And we’ve included a video to help you out as well.


If you are moving or storing your furniture, it is important to properly disassemble it. This is because large pieces of furniture may be too fragile to be moved in one piece. Disassembling pieces with glass panels or delicate ornamentation can also prevent damage during relocation. Using a set of tools that are specifically designed for disassembly will make the process easier. It is also helpful to label parts with colored sticky notes. To ensure proper reassembly, it is a good idea to keep the hardware organized and in one box.

Before disassembling your furniture, you will need the correct tools and manuals. Once you have these materials, you will be able to disassemble your furniture more easily and efficiently. If you’re unsure about any part, you can ask a friend or the moving company to assist you. Using a set of tools will also save you time. It is important to label the parts of your furniture so you can easily reassemble them after you’ve moved them.


The first phase of moving is packing, which will determine how much time you need to spend on the task. It is important to pack by function, room, and weight. Use bubble wrap, newspapers, and household goods to separate heavier items from lighter ones. Label boxes and label each item by name, including whether it is fragile or not. Take note of important items such as screwdrivers, change of clothes, and a first aid kit.

Before packing, you should disassemble your furniture. If it is particularly heavy or awkward to move, it will be easier to pack by removing legs. Make sure to label fragile items so you will not end up damaging them in transit. You can pack an entire guest bedroom or separate it into two separate boxes for storage. Be sure to save the pieces that you will not use until the new move and pack only the items that are needed. Lastly, wrap artwork and mirrors in blankets or plastic bags.


Moving and storing furniture is a very important task. Proper wrapping and protection techniques ensure that your pieces are safe and able to withstand the long-distance move. Furniture pieces should be cleaned before wrapping them, as a dirty piece of furniture is more susceptible to odors and mold. Proper wrapping will also ensure that you don’t damage any pieces while transporting them. Listed below are a few tips to wrap your furniture.

Plastic wrap, also known as stretch wrap, is an excellent packing material. It stretches to protect massive furniture pieces, and is strong enough to withstand the move. Many people use plastic wrap to wrap doors and drawers on their furniture. This allows them to close properly without fear of the drawers and doors opening during the move. You can even use plastic wrap to wrap pieces that are disassembled. You can find plastic wrap in many types of stores.