These days, buying fake IDs is a norm, and teenagers are the mainstream people buying fakes. With a phony identification, they can enjoy life with all the laid down boundaries and restrictions for the underage. So, if you are looking at ID Godto invest in one, wondering what State you can use.

Standard Procedures for Fake ID Cards

Several states keep improving the ID cards and driver’s license cards to comply with the Real ID Acts. It is becoming more difficult these days to find the best fake ID. Fake ID vendors need to provide the exact size with weight and have the corresponding elements with laminate layering perfectly done.

You need ghost imaging with laser-engraved details and suitable perforations. Furthermore, the card must be embossed with genuine holograms and patterns with a functional barcode or magnetic stripe. Yet, that is not all. It needs to be visible with UV lights from the image, text, and other effects.

Also, most states are moving from printing on PVC to polycarbonate or Teslin. You can find one available for both. But what should you look for when investing your money with a fake ID website?

Notes to Take with Fake ID

In most cases, a fake ID vendor can get the job done. Still, it also depends on how experienced the provider is. So, using the best fake ID provider that can imitate the ID is what you need to look for as they will not miss out on essential features:

  • Suppose you plan to use another provider and not ID God. In that case, we recommend that the vendor you choose uses cutting-edge technology and is always up to date with the card manufacturing system.
  • The fake ID maker needs to have all the right equipment to present you with a premium card to ensure it is of high quality.
  • Never use any business that approaches you; instead, choose one that can provide you with the standards you need.

So, work with a trustworthy provider. Using the correct person allows you to  use your fake identification without difficulties. You will have no troubles at bars and clubs using powerful scanning machines like the black light test.

The Most Common Fake States for Your ID Card

When choosing a fake ID for your endeavors, it helps to choose one with the least security structures. Doing this gives you a better chance of not getting caught. Here are some leading states that print the information on Polycarbonate or Teslin.

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

How Do Businesses Spot a Fake ID

You can see a assortment of old and new identification cards making the rounds. But it is still possible for businesses to identify a fake ID if you have proper training. Most IDs look authentic, and waiters might not notice it at first. Still, when it comes to bouncers, it is a different story. Sticklers use UV light, loupe, study the features closely and pay attention to every detail.

What is a Counterfeit ID?

Many people refer to the fake ID as a fake driver’s license not legally issued by the State but looks like the real thing. You can find three types of fake IDs.

The Altered Identification

As the name implies, it is an existing ID document with a name, address, birth date, and State modified or changed. The other significant information they replace with other data. So, your friends and family that are lookalikes can alter your ID by replacing it with their data.

The Novelty ID

These IDs people use to pretend or display a club membership. It is an identification card but is not a copy of the ID issued by any School, Government, or State.

Real Fake ID

The fake ID is an authentic card made with superior materials and equipment with all security measures from citizenship to the same features of a driver’s license in place.

What State Should You Choose?

Before you click the buy button to make a fake ID, you need to understand each feature of the State you choose. The reason is that each State has its own unique security features in place. These characteristics are as follows:

  • 3D tactile feature using a laser to create a shifting image with a raised surface on the side of your card
  • Laser engraved, and perforation is when a shape of a turtle is visible on the back and front of the card
  • Name order
  • UV (Ultraviolet) data printed on the card – easily seen using a UV light like the ones made available in Texas
  • Micro printing is integrating the small letter into a fine-line and visible using a card reader
  • The material from PET/PVC, Polycarbonate, or Teslin
  • Hologram overlays or the OVI laminates – some States use OVI while others use holograms working like stickers and others laminate using Teslin paper

Why Use a Fake ID Card?

People have diverse reasons for using a counterfeit identification in their States. However, the most common cause is participating in activities prohibited by State law, especially regarding age. These include access to clubs, bars, minor drinking, and authentication to online platforms.

The top reason is underage drinking as youngsters want to enjoy the nightlife as they are not yet 21. Some young adults use it for festival events. But if you choose to use one, you need to take extra care.

Select a State Close To Where You Live

With a fake ID from a nearby State, you can easily bypass sticklers and security agencies. The reason is that comparing it with other people’s cards becomes difficult. For example, you can find many students from another State attending college in another one.

You Can Choose Your Current Residence

Suppose you decide to use your residential State. In that case, we recommend using a fake ID vendor that can provide you with a premium ID card.

Choose One With a Large Population

Using fake IDs of a large population State works well like Texas, California, or New York. Or, you can choose one presented by ID God.

The Best Fake ID State

The best State to use on your fake ID is New Texas. It has fewer security features and a simple graphic design. You will get a card that is reasonably priced and scannable. Kansa, Rhode Island, Virginia, Ohio, and Delaware are other best-sellers.

Wrapping it Up

When you decide on your first fake ID, selecting the State is complicated. That is why ID God shares the best States to use on your phony ID with all security factors considered. Some important factors to consider are scanning and pricing.

With some due diligence, it helps to choose a fake identification provider to help make you a reliable card without being caught. These days buying a counterfeit ID is safer online, and many have used their fake IDs with success.

Frequently Asked Questions Using Fake ID

What State Should Be on My Fake ID?

When you look at different evaluations, the best State to use is Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Connecticut. These places are best sellers and the fake ID vendors include the needed security features like micro printing, UV light detection, laser engraving to OVI data.

Will a Fake ID work with a scanner?

If you choose a reliable fake ID vendor, they provide scannable magnetic strips and barcodes. However, it is uncommon that the features will be faulty and tested before they are shipped.

How does a bouncer spot a fake ID?

One test a bouncer or bartender will do is the bend test, or they will inspect the edges using their fingernails. Furthermore, bouncers are good at doing it as they have thousands of cards passing through their hands.

Should I use my real name or a fake one?

The answer is debatable. But if you decide to use a fake name, you best have another card like a bank card or student card available if the bouncer asks for extra identification.