Ethically-sourced, handcrafted from master craftsmen in Udaipur & Jodphur, Indian Bone Inlay Furniture pieces are among the most sought after decorative items. An amazing accent piece for every room, these handcrafted wooden furnishings are crafted by skilled artisans who combine traditional art forms with modern technology. These pieces are created with painstaking details of carved flowers, embellishments and motifs to give a unique look to wooden furniture that is appreciated by contemporary interior designers. Handmade Indian wooden furniture is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Made with a high degree of skill, these artisans have crafted such magnificent pieces that are also popularly exported to countries such as USA and UK.

The Incredible Inlay Art: The famous Marble Inlay and Bone Inlay from Agra  and Rajasthan

Made from the finest wooden materials, these wonderful accents are also made using old tradition techniques. The handcrafted Indian furniture is often finished by hand with natural oils. This ensures that these pieces are resistant to any kind of staining and weathering process. With an exclusive finish that makes the furniture look absolutely gorgeous, this type of furniture is also one of the most expensive variety. Made from high quality Indian bone and wooden material, antique bone inlay furniture is a perfect choice to add classic and old tradition charm to your home.

A popular choice among elite class people, this type of furniture is highly popular among masses too. Known for its uniqueness, this beautiful accent piece can be found in almost all the rooms. Homeowners who value traditional art would also love to buy these bone inlay pieces as these pieces are often antique in origin and hence, have a rich history associated with them. In fact, it is not uncommon to find several antique shops across India selling this type of bone inlay furniture. Also known as Rajasthan furniture, this type of furniture is made using genuine Indian hardwood and is beautifully crafted.

Also known as resin beds, these amazing accents are also made using modern day manufacturing techniques. The manufacturing of such bone inlay furniture is done in limited quantities as using large number of resin pieces requires a lot of time and expertise. Also, the process is very complex and requires skilled technicians who expertly craft these resin bed pieces. The use of heavy metals in the manufacturing of these beds is done only after careful and elaborate prior inspection. Using only the best types of wood and resins, these beds are created to provide a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience.

Known for their elegant designs, the bone inlay furniture of Rajasthan are available in all imaginable shapes and sizes. This is the reason why these pieces have immense demand among homeowners. These attractive accent furniture pieces are especially designed to complement the decor and motif of any type of home. Being created from solid natural materials, these amazing pieces exude elegance and grace. Also popularly known as rattan furniture, these pieces of art are perfect accents for rustic Rajasthan decor.

The impressive Bone Inlay Furniture of Rajasthan are made using authentic Indian hardwood and can be customized according to the buyer’s choice. Besides being highly durable, these pieces are very easy to maintain and clean. These days there are a number of online stores that sell these highly decorative accent pieces at competitive prices. These online shops offer discounted price tags and free shipment schemes to their customers across the world. Hence, opting for a high quality bone inlay bed furniture set from an online store can be a great way to get your dream home at highly affordable rates. So, rush up and get the amazing experience of adding this amazing accent to your decor!